The Best Ways to Chill after a Taxing Bike Ride in Malaga

Maybe you’ve cycled up to the mountains and your legs could do with a rest. Perhaps you’ve ridden along the seafront in both directions and notched up 24k. Or you’ve enjoyed one of our bike tours [...]

5 Secret Beaches to Cycle to in Malaga

We’ll start off by being totally honest: secret, secret beaches in Malaga? Well, there actually aren’t any. But you can find some quieter sands where you won’t be swamped by the crowds and will [...]


The word Carnaval comes from the word ‘carne’ which means meat. The carnaval Spanish speaking countries is celebrated the week before Lent- the forty days before Easter when Christians [...]

January: The perfect weekend in Málaga, Spain

Explore Malaga during January At 7 in the morning it will be around 3 degrees, although throughout the day the temperature stabilizes around 15/17 degrees. Sounds like a perfect ´winter sun [...]

La Feria Celebrations in Málaga – 2018

La Feria in Málaga What is the reason for la Feria? Five hundred and thirty-one years ago, on August 19th , the Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel conquered the city of Malaga [...]

Summer Tradition: Medalla Virgen del Carmen

Having just recovered from the hangover of  the all night beach party marking the official start of summer (la noche de San Juan), we are now setting our sights on the next local ‘fiesta’ and [...]

Christmas traditions in Málaga – 2017

Christmas in Málaga is beautiful. The spanish weather service shows usually a sunny and warm. Perfect for sightseeing, cycling along the promenade or sipping a glass of Sangría at one of the [...]

La Feria Malaga 2019

A Party you cannot miss! Every year, the Malagueños celebrate La Feria Malaga 2019 (fair) like you wouldn’t believe. That is why this party is known as the biggest street party in southern [...]

South of Spain cities : Málaga | The best base for your Holidays!

Watch our blog for regular information on cheap and cheerful day trips you can take from the best of the south of Spain cities,Malaga, by public transport or by carpooling. Malaga, the capital of [...]