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Kay in Montes de Malaga


Guided bike tours through Malaga in English and Spanish

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Hola! I am Kay Farrell, the founder of Malaga Bike Tours. Originally from Cheshire, England, I lived in Toronto, Canada for many years where I cycled through snow and freezing temperatures for most of the year. I came to Malaga for one year in 2003 and… never left!

The climate is perfect for cycling all year round-no snow or ice here! I immediately fell in love with the city and its people, and above all, the spectacular Montes of Malaga. An avid mountain biker, I love nothing more than to jump on my bike and head for the hills- just minutes from the centre of the city.

Whilst on a trip to Barcelona in 2007, I signed up for a City Bike Tour to try something new and was totally impressed by what an amazing way a bike tour was to explore a new city. The seed was planted and then Malaga Bike Tours was born in May 2008. I absolutely adore Malaga and just love showing people around by bike and watching them fall in love with this enchanting city. As a client once said to me, “There’s a ‘wow’ on every corner.” After so many years’ experience doing bike tours, we are experts in spreading Malaga’s WOW factor. We promise you an unforgettable few hours on our bike tour and in the end you will agree with us that Malaga is better on a bike- a Malaga Bike Tours bike, of course!

Fietstoer Malaga


Guided bike tours through Malaga in Dutch

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Hola a todos! My name is Demi, born in Volendam, a small village next to Amsterdam. My dream was always to live in Spain.  I have lived in other parts of Spain already but when I came on a trip to Andalusia back in 2017, is when I fell in love with Malaga, a charming beautiful compact city and everything that it has to offer. I decided to stay a little longer and take a Spanish course – and I am still here and not planning to go any place else for a long time!

Back in Holland, I studied Tourism so Málaga is the perfect place for me to put my studies into practice. I have worked in various areas of tourism and in hotels. One of my best experiences was working as an entertainer, as for me it is really gratifying to see that I can make people have a great time. Now, as your bike tour leader I can promise to show you the best of Malaga in just a few hours and have a LOT of fun at the same time. Just one piece of advice: when you come to Malaga, be careful. You might never want to leave!  

Fietstour Nederlands


Guided bike tours through Malaga in Dutch and English

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Hola! My name is Linde, born and raised in Tilburg, a city in the south of the Netherlands. I studied International Business and Languages where I “unfortunately” chose to take French and German courses instead of Spanish. I regretted that so much that I spontaneously decided to do a Spanish course in Málaga once I was graduated. That I didn’t regret! I fell in love with Málaga immediately because of its marvellous monuments, the coast, the climate, the people and, of course, the gastronomy. I immediately felt right at home at home in such a vibrant city!

After studying Spanish for 5 months here, I returned to the Netherlands but couldn’t get Málaga out of my head. Every year, I would tell people that I was going to move to Málaga, and finally after EIGHT years of talking it about it, I was “brave” enough to leave everything behind and move here permanently. And I don’t have a single regret!

I feel really lucky to have been able to join the great Malaga Bike Tours team. As a typical Dutchie, I am used to cycling every day so it makes sense for me to show people this beautiful city by bike. Meeting new and interesting people and working outside every day isn’t that bad either!

So, if you are ready to explore Málaga in the best way (on a bike!) and to hear really cool stories and fun anecdotes about the city, come join me on a bike tour and fall in love with Málaga too!

Mechanics at Malaga Bike Tours


Meet our Magnificent Mechanics!

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Our wonderful team of mechanics work tirelessly to make sure our bikes are in tip-top condition for you.

From left to right: Diego, from Salerno, Italy

Raúl – an authentic Malagueño!

Andrés- he’s our Canary – from a small island in the Canaries called El Hierro.

Malaga Bike Tours Team - Office staff

Office Staff

Meet our awesome office staff

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Our friendly and helpful office staff will fit you with the right bike for you and give you lots of bike route tips on where to go and what to do –

From left to right:

Sandra, from Madrid, now calls Malaga home.

Carmen, our Office Manager, an authentic Malagueña

Linde, from Holland, (when she’s not on a tour!)

Jesus from Malaga Bike Tours


Guided bike tours through Malaga in Spanish and English

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Hola! My name is Jesús!

Kind of an important name you may think, but here in Spain, it is just another regular name like Pepe or Manuel.

I come from Seville, a beautiful city two hours and a half away from Malaga.

I studied Tourism at University. I then worked abroad for ten years, mainly in the UK but decided to move back to Spain a few years ago.

I was certain I wanted to live in Malaga: the sun, the sea, the food, the friendly locals, streets full of life… Malaga is special. It has something that makes you feel that you are in the right place.

I am more than happy to show you around so you can better understand my decision. And what better way to explore this amazing city than taking a guided bike tour- with me!

Jill from Malaga Bike Tours


Guided bike tours through Malaga in Dutch

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Hola! My name is Jill, born in the Netherlands in the beautiful city of Nijmegen: the oldest city in Gelderland.

I fell in love with Malaga quite a few years ago now.  I came on an exchange programme with my school when I was just 17 years old. I lived with a Spanish family for three weeks and they showed me everything in Malaga.

I danced flamenco, ate a lot of tapas and I really enjoyed the city, the sun and, above all, the hospitality of the Malagueño people.

All those years ago, I told myself: I will live here in the future. I even had the coordinates of the Malagueta beach tattooed on my arm!

A chef by trade, I had a dream of moving to Malaga and opening up my own restaurant.

So, quite a few years later, I decided to leave everything behind in Nijmegen and move to Malaga. At first I worked as a chef but then I found this amazing job as a bike tour leader.

As well as telling you all kinds of interesting stories about this fantastic city, I can share with you my experience of how it actually is to live here. I am also very happy I can do this in a Dutch way: on a bicycle.

If you take a bike tour with me, I will show you all of Malaga, the highlights, rooftop bars and, of course, as a chef I know all the best restaurants in the city.

Maybe after taking a bike tour with me you will fall in love with the city too and never want to leave either.

Hasta pronto! See you soon!

Moniek From Malaga Bike Tours


Guided bike tours through Malaga in Dutch and English

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My name is Moniek and I was born in Amersfoort and later moved to Groningen, Holland.

For years I worked as an HR Manager, and although I loved my job, I always had a strong desire to travel.

During and after my studies I travelled as much as I could. You could say that my backpack and I were inseparable.

In August 2017, I decided to take a risk: I quit my full-time job, left my apartment and sold pretty much everything I owned. The plan was to travel around Europe for a year and see each and every country. But that plan quickly changed when I arrived in Malaga just 2 weeks later.

I decided to keep travelling, but only in Spain. For a few months, I travelled the length and breadth of the country, a highlight being the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in the north of Spain.

However, during my travels, every few weeks or so, I would return to Malaga. So once I decided it was time to settle down, it was a no- brainer for me that Malaga was the place for me. I just loved it so much- and still do, obviously!

On a bike tour with me I will show you all the beautiful spots in Malaga and tell you lots fun stories about this great city and its people. As a seasoned traveller, I understand that it is all about the experience. In just a few hours, I can show you why I fell in love with this beautiful place- and I’m sure you will too.

Whether you take the City Tour or the Alternative Malaga Ride with me, I promise you an unforgettable experience!



Guided bike tours through Malaga in Dutch and English

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Hola! My name is Annet.

I was born and raised in the north of Holland in the town of Groningen, although Amsterdam was my home for many years.

My educational background is in hospitality and I have worked in many different types of hospitality establishments over the years. I love working with the public and ensuring that their experience is always a great one! 

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to begin a new life adventure and live abroad. I chose the wonderful city of Malaga to start my new life. I love the climate, the nature, the kindness of the local people and, of course, the beach.

As I am Dutch, I love cycling and it makes me really happy to show people around the beautiful city of Malaga and share everything I know about the city, the local culture, the people and their traditions.

On a bike tour with me, you will see all the highlights of the city and hear stories and anecdotes that you won’t find in any tour guide books. 

And I believe WE will have so much fun that YOU won’t want to leave Malaga ever again!



Guided bike tours through Malaga in Dutch and English

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Hola! My name is Nicolette from Limberg, The Netherlands.

I studied Physical Education and Social Work in Den Hague and have specialized in field hockey being a qualified field hockey coach and technical manager.

In general, I love all sports, especially windsurfing and of course, cycling. 

After living in New Zealand for a while, my husband and I decided to move back to Europe, more specifically Spain. We travelled around the country for a few months and stayed in many different places until we finally decided that Malaga was the best place for many reasons.

Malaga’s climate is great!  Sun all year round with nice temperatures.

Every morning when I get up I feel blessed seeing and feeling the sun. I just love the atmosphere here. It is very relaxed; nothing and nobody is in a rush. Malaga’s cultural offer is really unbelievable and with its huge amount of museums, there is never a dull moment living here. And of course, having the sea so close to the city centre is really awesome.

Which other city can boast that?   

And there is something else I love about Malaga- showing people around by bicycle! I feel proud to live here and I love sharing my passion of the city with clients on the bike tour.

Another reason I enjoy leading the bike tours so much is that I LOVE meeting new people who are curious about discovering Malaga. Meeting other people, listening to their questions and seeing their curiosity broadens my horizon.

Come on a bike tour with me and discover the real Malaga:  the people, their traditions, their stories and, of course, we will enjoy cruising beside the Mediterranean sea together, as well. And at the end of the tour, I can give you all my insider restaurant and cultural tips, too.