In the following link you can find the Municipal law (in Spanish) that regulates the use of the bicycle in the city of Malaga: Ordenanza de movilidad de Málaga

On this page you can read the most relevant points to take into consideration when cycling in the city. This translation of the rules is for information purposes only. Malaga Bike Tours does not take any responsibility for any possible misinterpretation of the translation

General behaviour rules.

It is mandatory to cycle enabling circulation of others and causing no harm, danger or disturbance to any other person or property.

Areas of circulation

Areas limited to 30 km/h

In these areas, people driving any motor vehicles will adjust their speed to that of the cyclists and will never exceed 30 km/h. Cyclists will adjust their speed to that of the pedestrians and will respect the established speed limit when using pedestrian designated streets.

Residential areas

When cycling in residential areas, cyclists must be aware of possible use of the street by others and they must adjust their speed to that of the pedestrians.  The speed limit of 20 km/h must  not be exceeded.

Pedestrianized areas

Cycling in these areas is only allowed when all the restrictions described in this municipal law are met. Cyclists have the priority over motor vehicles but not over pedestrians, who are allowed to walk using the whole width of the street.

Cycling is allowed on sidewalks, promenades and any other pedestrianized areas only if the following conditions exist:

  • There are no alternative bike-only paths available
  • Sidewalks are at least 3 metres wide
  • The street is not overcrowded
  • Cyclists keep a security distance of at least 1 metre from pedestrians
  • There are no traffic signs that expressly forbid cycling.

The speed limit in these areas is 10 km/h and cyclists must adjust their speed to that of the pedestrians. Pedestrians always have priority over cyclists.

If several bicycles take a narrow but authorized path, they must cycle in single file, avoiding riding in parallel or as a group.